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Meals this week (all recipes adjusted as needed to be gluten free, not spicy, blah blah etc):

tonight: broccoli beef, rice, fruit
tomorrow: chili, the best corn muffins ever
Monday: salad potato peanut curry from the freezer, deviled eggs, green beans, applesauce
Tuesday: steak fajitas, something green, fruit steak and potato salad
Wednesday: something in the sausage family, twice baked potatoes, something green, fruit Chinese
Thursday: (Val cooks) corned beef hash
Friday: salad something in the sausage family, twice baked potatoes, something green, fruit leftovers

farmer's market report

Yesterday, we almost didn't go to the market. We sat here and wibbled and ultimately, it came down to lettuce and the timing of meals that we wanted to eat. So, we threw on some clothes and raced out, and we were glad we did. Jeff's mom wasn't feeling good, so she didn't come out, which was disappointing; we'd been hoping to get her out of the house for a bit.

We ended up with more than was on the list; I wasn't thinking about the fact that it's July, and produce is rolling in like crazy. So, we got:

- 2 dozen extra large eggs
- potatoes
- cucumbers
- cherry tomatoes
- a double head of gorgeous lettuce, but she knocked a buck off because she felt like it was less than gorgeous
- 3 perfect ears of corn
- some baby yellow squash and zucchini
- ground beef and pork breakfast sausage
- hot dogs and beer brats
- Jeff's mom's spanikopita

I wanted some peaches, but we were running low on cash, and we already have fruit we're trying to work our way through. So. Next week or the week after.

This week, we feast:

Saturday: over easy egg tacos
Sunday: burgers & side salads & fruit
Monday: salads
Tuesday: rice noodle salad bowls
Wednesday: beer brats, potatoes
Thursday: lasagne, which keeps getting bumped each week
Friday: breakfast pizza

I need to do an Asian market run, and will probably need to grab some more cheese for those that can. Otherwise, we're set for the week.