joyce (joyce) wrote,

this morning i watched Baine leap onto my window sill to stare out the window. a normal occurence, other than the fact that my blinds were down, so he had to worm up underneath of them (which is loud at seven a.m., in case you were curious.) 800 windows in the house, and he wanted that one... :) *shakes head*

part of the dishes are done, the fridge is cleaned out, and my first box is done, and it's just a little after nine. go me. :)

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    1. We got our first watermelon of the season today. Nomnomnomnomnom. 2. I have tasted heaven, in the form of locally made fresh ricotta. More noms.

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    We got figs yesterday at Deep Roots, on our trip after the farmer's market to get the stuff we can't get at the market. Or, rather, I got figs, 4…

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    Yesterday was a good day. So when we got to the farmer's market this weekend, our normal beef vendor wasn't out in her normal spot. We don't know…

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