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so Rat's packing up his stuff.

yesterday, artisanal_xara and feebdaed and the two of us grabbed the bus down to the Seattle Center. we went up the Space Needle - the first time i'd been up it since i'd lived here - and oogled the view. we came back down, stuck our heads into the EMP and admired the laser show in the lobby, and got the monorail downtown. we got a really good lunch at Pike Place Pub. we wandered around Pike Place and showed Tonya and George the market. we wandered up into the Convention Center to take pictures of the view, but the security drones thrwarted us. then we split up, and they went and saw Matchstick Men, and we went and saw Cold Creek Manor, which wasn't what i expected, but was very good.

we caught the bus home, got some pizza, and played Settlers. this morning, we got Tonya and George on their way early, with directions to Weaving Works and the beach. it's been a lazy cuddly day here. eventually, we'll head out... we're going to go do the harbor cruise thing, and then wander around Broadway until we see somewhere that we think suits for a Friday night date dinner. and then we'll come home and hang out for a bit, and then Ginger is doing airport duty again, because she rocks.

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