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the first order of business yesterday was some errands: Safeway to replace the paper plates i'd used at training this weekend, SCS to drop off the plates and their keys, the library to drop off some very overdue library materials, Fred Meyer for batteries for Rat's camera, the post office. Rat got to see Twice Sold Tales, which he'd been told to check out.

then we hopped a bus downtown and went down to Pike Place, where we got picnicy food [barbeque pork buns|pineapple bread|fruit|dried fruits sticks]. we went down to the ferry terminal and waited for awhile, and then got on the ferry to Bainbridge Island.

the ferry ride was incredible - the ferries are actually really comfortable. and huge. it almost makes me want to live on an island, so i could have that as a commute instead. and the views - holy wow.

we got off at Bainbridge, wandered about for a bit, had our picnic, and wandered around some more. one stop was a toy store. they sold glow in the dark stars individually. i gleed. :) we also ran into the cutest little boy - maybe 3 or 4 - who actually said "excuse me" and had manners. :)

a couple hours later, we got back on the ferry. the views were still gorgeous.

we bussed up to Toys in Babeland, then up to the library so i could pick up the metric assload of books i had on hold, then came home. after much discussion, we ended up at Wasabi, mainly because they had a menu online and they were easy to get to. (thanks for all the recommendations, by the way. now that i know that i know this many local sushi fiends... :]) there was a wait at 830 at night, which we figured was a good sign, and it was. the food was very good. and there were some nice people watching opportunities, too, including getting to watch the two boys who were out on what seemed to be a first day - they looked too earnest not to be.

and that was Monday. :)

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