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it's going to be a busy week. a good week, but busy.

- tonight: dinner at Heather's
- tomorrow: make fudge, work, dinner at the family's
- wednesday: work, DND
- thursday: work, dinner with Jessie and Jill (woot! :) )
- friday: go out to BCC and buy books & bus pass (school! woot!), work
- saturday: work (way the hell too early) and pick up a boy from the airport :) :) :)

i wanted to have the house more clean than it is. i don't think that's going to happen. however, dear self, at a minimum, you need to:

- finish finding the living room
- deal with the recyclables
- get the clothes off your bedroom floor. you might even think about putting some away. *gasp*
- vacuum
- wash and de-cat your bedding
- make sure that you have clean sheets and blankets to make up the futon for when George and Tonya are here (woot! :) )

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