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game was good, even if i spent a large portion of the combat frozen solid (evil clerics are bad) or bleeding to death (warhammers suck). otherwise, i rolled badly. we still escaped death (barely) and wracked up lots of xp and loot. :) the rest of the party doesn't seem to quite buy into the "if we die, we just make new characters" theory, though.

my head and sinuses are still working on that rebellion. they need to think twice about it. :)

school starts in 11 days. (and yes, i'm still actively resisting temptation to add another class.) my boy will be here in um, 9 days and 19 hours. not that we're counting or anything. despite the fact that work is sucking, it is no longer actively sucking. things are pretty good. :)

i'm a tired puppy. i should go fall over.

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