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well, before tonight, i've never had the desire to call a cop a fucking asshole. bastard.

to be fair, he didn't write me a ticket, and he could have, for at least two things. i wouldn't have been (as) pissed, if he'd written me a ticket, because i would have deserved it. i don't have a cali license or plates yet, even though i should. i have a front headlight blown out, one of the high beams, which apparently he didn't notice. i didn't have proof of insurance or registration on me. and, there was what he pulled me for - apparently my taillights are out. i didn't realize that - how often do i look at the back of my car when it's running - but still, hey, fine, give me a ticket for any of that stuff.

however, he has me step out of the car, looks at my eyes, asks me if i've been drinking. no, i say, and then remember i had a hard cider, three hours ago, with food. tell him that. he asks me if i've ever been arrested. he checks my pulse and tells me it's up. well, ya, duh, i have a cop who basically has my balls in his hand, my pulse is going to be up. he asks me multiple times where i live, til i finally say "look, do you want my roommate's cell phone number, you can call him?", asks where i work, keeps asking questions about where i work til i finally give him enough details to shut him up, asks if i've ever used any illegal substances (no, and would i tell you, you prick?), has me turn out my pockets, looks through my wallet, looks through my car...

and then he had the nerve to look disappointed when my license came back valid. and then look disappointed again when he thought he'd spotted a pocket i'd missed. i think that's why he didn't bother writing me a ticket, because, for whatever reason, he wanted to get me on something worse, and couldn't. whatever.

hello. it's midnight, i'm tired, i'm nervous as hell, you, the person who's supposed to be protecting me, are making me fucking nervous, just let me go home, please. i'll get my damned taillights fixed, i'd rather like other drivers being able to see me. i'll get it done in scotts valley this weekend, just quit harrassing me.

bah. i hope all the fucking cops out here aren't like this... last i checked, it was innocent til proven guilty. why the hell do you need to get your rocks off making me feel like an ax murderer or something?

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