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16 days. 16 days until i get to show my incredibly wonderful boy Seattle, and hang out with him, and be with him, and not sleep alone, and eat lots of good food, and have some time off of work, and sleep in, and watch movies together, and cook with him... i glee. 16 days.

(and as an added bonus that week, it looks like i might get a artisanal_xara and a feebdaed for a couple days. that is just going to be a nice week.)

on the other hand, it's 82 days until i move. which sounds like forever, but it's not. and in that time i need to get my fill of Seattle and my friends for awhile, as well as get my stuff together and sorted and packed and moved, and start floating resumes, and sit on my boss about hiring my replacement, and get him/her/it trained, and get this office into some state of neatness, so that they can find stuff after i'm gone.


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