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i'd intended to go to the U-district farmer's market yesterday, because i've actually been eating those fruit and vegetable things lately (sssh, don't tell my mom :) ). work got rescheduled and i didn't get to go, so i ventured down to Pike Place this morning. i like going to Pike Place, but the number of people there on a gorgeous Sunday morning is insane, so it was in and out as quickly as possible. the haul was some wonderful looking lettuce, two huge tomatoes, and mushrooms (mm, salad), basil and cilantro (mmm, pad thai), three softball sized oranges, two plums, two plumcots, and a nectarine. and one happy joyce. :)

it's a nice day out there, too. the older i'm getting, and the longer i've lived in progressively more temperate climates, the more my heat tolerance has gone down. so this whole almost-not quite-but getting there fall this is nice. :)

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