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i got up this morning and hauled into work for a bit, where our very bored activites coordinator was minding the yard sale. did a volunteer interview, which didn't take as much time as expected, went to the store, got some wine, went to the library, went downtown, got a snack, bummed around for a bit, and then caught a bus over to Ms. almostthere's, where we washed the quilt (thanks for the advice, guys. big washer, woolite, gentle cycle, fluffy cool dry, and it seems to be fine) and chattered about life and work and boys and stuff. she cooked me the most wonderful dinner of salad and mashed potatoes and salmon, and we drank the wine, and chattered some more, and then she was kind and drove me home. home was hanging out with Ginger and playing Mario 64 and working on a dress and talking to my boy.

and now i fall over, because i'm exhausted and tommorow is going to be a long, long day.

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