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so i took off of work, came home, and alternated housework and D2. you can almost see the bottom of the sink again. the bathtub is white again. i do appear to have a bedroom floor.

i have two ulterior motives for the cleaning rash: one, the house is a wreck, and it needs to stop being so, and two, i have a boy coming to visit in just a touch over a month, and it'd be nice if the place were clean. i can get rid of 8 months of clutter in one, really. :)

i need to start quarantening the cats out of my room soon.

i hate hate hate changing sheets. i love having nice clean comfy sheets on my bed, which is why i don't sleep in a sleeping bag. i don't mind most housework, once i get started, but i hate changing sheets. i can't be the only one like this, right?

we started in on 25th Hour this afternoon. Ginger'd seen it before, so she drifted off... i got about halfway into it and drifted off, too. i'll finish it sometime this week. it's not doing a whole lot so for me so far, but i want to see what happens. are Spike Lee movies always this horribly slow?

i have a fairly large burn on my leg from the earlier tea incident. i'm not quite sure what it says that i was pissed about the quilt and the keyboard first, and only after awhile noticed that, oh, yea, i'd poured a large quantity of near boiling water down my leg. it'll be fine in a couple days, but i'll be wearing a skirt tommorow.

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