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so, yesterday, Dan and Ginger and i packed up and went down to Portland for the night, to visit ze wonderful Chas and Jill. we got down there about 6:30. they cooked us the best Pad Thai in the world (i do not eat Pad Thai, but this stuff was good), and then we watched Chicken Run, and then some random cartoon called Striperella, which was ... trippy, and then Iron Chef. then we spent awhile trying to get an air mattress inflated, and then everyone fell over.

today was sleeping late, then lunch at some local place i-can't-remember-the-name-but-it-was-good, then running into downtown on the train to troll the Saturday market. lots of pretties. after that, we ended up at a huge fountain by Portland State, wading around in the water. Ginger and Dan ended up soaked from head to toe, so we headed home, got their clothes in the drier, and ordered Chinese food. more silly TV, too. eventually, everything was dry, and so we headed out. i talked to my boy for awhile :) and then fell asleep, which is what i generally do on a car trip of any length.

it was a lovely weekend. thanks, guys. :)

and now i should go to bed.

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