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- the web interface for Washington State Background checks is down. some sysadmin somewhere is having a very bad day.

- i have baby carrots. they are tasty.

- i don't know if it's the change in pills, my new found healthy eating and exercise habits, or sheer random luck, but except for Monday evening, the PMS from hell hasn't happened (including no sugar fiending), my cramps have been nearly not existent, and today i do not feel like i've been run over like a truck, which i normally do. whatever i did to deserve this, i'm grateful, and ardently hoping it's the diet/exercise.

- thus far today, i have kept myself out of the doughnuts. i know that one won't kill me, but you get see the grease soaking out of these suckers. ouch.

- have i mentioned lately that i adore my boy? no? well, i do.

- i get to game tonight, woot. :) i need to figure out what i want to play this time... thus far in my DND life i've been a bard, a drawf that smashed a lot of things, and a halfling cleric that didn't do a whole lot except for annoy people, fall asleep, and fight with Lumpy, though the character was occasionally useful for chasing off the undead.

- i've been thinking about getting fitted for contacts again.

- i'm getting itchy for my next tattoo. i should start drawing things up. next summer is far away...

i should probably get back to work. :)

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