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yesterday, in a incredibly brilliant move, i managed to lock myself out of our house. i am talented, really. so i tripped out to Bellevue after work and had Cold Stone with Gigner, Dan, Martin, Jeff, and Chuck. we wandered around poking fun at all the silly books in Barnes and Nobles for awhile too. (How To Pick a Bastard by His Star Sign, Field Guides to Cows, and other miscellany). then Ginger gave me a ride home and let me into our house so i could go to sleep.

this afternoon, Heather came and picked me up (thanks for driving, dear), and we went out to Snoqualmie Falls. i'd never been out there, and wanted to before i left. we hiked down the trail (half mile, steep), ignored the signs asking people to stay on the trail (along with half the folks down there), hopped off the trail, and played on the rocks near the bottom of the falls for awhile. the water's low enough that, if you're good, you can get across to the other side and explore. the gaps between the rocks were a bit beyond my reach, though, and after going in the water twice, getting bested by a 5 year old, and hitting a gap i just couldn't jump, i turned around. so we wandered around the other side for a good long time, sat on the rocks so i could dry off a bit in the sun, chatted, and came home.

(to the folks at the Falls today who have no idea what it's like to be an overweight short girl with no balance who's been told by strangers to try to hop a gap on slippery rocks that is far longer than anywhere near her comfortable step, screw you. to the guy who made it seem like i was a wimp for not being able to do so, piss off. and to the parent that let their five year old child hop up on a rock and crowd the person obviously stuck and scared, bite me. :]) (said five year old ended up losing a flip-flop, with Heather rescued while i figured out how the hell to get out of there.)

that was the only bad part of the afternoon, though, and we had fun. Heather moves like a gazelle on rocks, hopping from one to the other. i move more like a gorilla, or something - all fours and low to the ground, when i have to. i didn't even mind going in the river, i just didn't want to get swept down it or hit my head on a rock. :) and i remembered the sunscreen today. (my upper arms, from last weekend's outdoor adventures, look like something out of a horror movie. they went through one cycle of blistering earlier this week, and then started peeling. they started blistering again this afternoon.)

and now i'm freshly showered (again), and when the crew gets here, there will be stroganoff ravioli and movies.

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