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it's Friday, woot. :)

the cats decided i needed to be awake at 4 this morning. i really wish one of them wasn't big enough for force my door open. he threw himself against the door until it popped, plopped himself on my bed, and started whining. so i grumbled and got up and checked their food and water, then tried to go back to bed. they wanted to play. eventually, i kicked them back out again and went back to sleep.

cute kitties, but. i can't imagine how i'm going to deal with a newborn, eventually. :)

mildly bored at work, but that's nothing new. today's agenda is volunteer ads, finishing the key agreement, finding my desk, determining who's on the list for the next training so that i can run dates by them as soon as they're picked, designing posters for flyering campuses, working on the program director job description, getting together stuff for volunteer interviews next week, finishing training agendas. so there's plenty to do, i'm just feeling lazy. :)

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