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- chicken tenderloins, thawed in fridge, marinated in cornstarch/salt/seasame oil
- mushrooms
- onion
- spinach
- chinese eggs noodles

- fish sauce, lemon juice, sugar

fry the chicken up in more seasame oil. remove from pan. start water for noodles. fry up mushrooms and onions (add some garlic powder when they're almost done). pull out noodles when timer goes off, drain. remove mushroom/onions from the pan. add some more seasame oil. add the spinach (watch it, if you didn't drain the spinach well enough, it's going to pop.) stir the lettuce until wilted enough. add everything back in save the noodles. add the fish sauce mixture. boil for a bit. add noodles. boil, letting noodles soak up juice. eat.

dear self: lime juice does better than lemon. start keeping it around. otherwise, damned tasty.

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