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today, in between rounds of way more Diablo 2 than i care to admit… 
5th-Jul-2003 04:52 pm
today, in between rounds of way more Diablo 2 than i care to admit to, i've finished a book, eaten some lunch, actually put away my clean laundry, made cookies, done some dishes, gotten most of the way through picking a menu for dinner on Tuesday (those of you in the peanut gallery that are coming: any preferences on Chicken with Basil Noodles, Thai Chicken Noodles with Garlic and Peanuts, or Thai Red Curry Noodles with Chicken?), and gotten to talk a lot to my sweetie and my roommate. that makes for a good day.

the Summoner is kicking my ass. every time i get down to where he is, he zaps me twice and i'm toast. this may put a damper on the amount of gaming i do until i figure out how to get to him.

the last couple of springs, i've had some problems with shortness of breath. it always wears off after a couple weeks, and i've usually chalked it up to stress and been done with it ("i don't have allergies. i'm not allergic to anything exept aspirin. there's no way it's allergies.") it's been a lot worse the last couple of weeks. i hereby apologize to the universe for anyone whose allergies i might have ever mentally slighted ("it's just a little pollen, what's the big deal?" the big deal is that it feels like someone is taking turns sitting on my sinuses, throat, and chest. wheeee.) i don't have health insurance right now, but if it gets much worse, i'm going to haul myself to the Country Doctor and see what they have to say. meantime, i'm eyeing the benedryl leftover from yesterday, but since i don't really want to spend the next hour watching the floor swim, i'm going to hold off, for now.
6th-Jul-2003 09:47 am (UTC)
Thai chicken noodles with garlic and peanuts sounds fantastic!
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