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summer goals 
22nd-Jun-2003 10:44 am
it's summer. i'm down to one full-time job and no school. i get to play. woo! :)

1. work on spanish.
2. cook more. try two new recipes a month.
3. read. lots.
4. keep the house cleaner. maintain sight of my bedroom floor.
5. get out more.
6. exercise.
7. work on that being happy thing.
8. look at continuing-ed art classes for the fall. there's a sketching class i'd like to take in july and august, but i shouldn't commit to something like that until i know how much of the drop-in center i'm covering and on what schedule this summer.
22nd-Jun-2003 01:28 pm (UTC)
Can I make suggestions on nuymber 2? Jillie's got some fantastic recipes to start with :-)
22nd-Jun-2003 01:51 pm (UTC)
hee. good point. :)
22nd-Jun-2003 03:36 pm (UTC)
I would be more than happy to schedule Cooking School somewhere between 19 and 27 of July, for two nights, provided that I have somewhere to stay and someone else buys the groceries. I'll be more than willing to include the Grocery Store Field Trip, however. :)

Menu suggestions:
- Chicken Pad Thai
- Strawberry (or Peach!) Shortcake
- Panini
- pizzas
- tapas menu

Let me know. :) I'm always happy to play Cooking School.
22nd-Jun-2003 04:45 pm (UTC)
:) i'm down with that, and happy to buy groceries (donations accepted from anyone except Jillie if we have a large crowd eating).

we can also give you somewhere to stay, but, i don't know how bad your allergies are.
22nd-Jun-2003 04:54 pm (UTC)
Claritin is king, baby. :) Just let me know what dates are best for the crowd.
22nd-Jun-2003 06:17 pm (UTC)
pretty much everyone that might be interested is working days, including Leah (i think?) so it's pretty much up to you. coming up weekdays gives you time to run around Seattle or whatever on your own. coming up on a weekend gives you company.

that would be a good time to start in on invitations, if you want help and haven't done so already. :)
22nd-Jun-2003 07:29 pm (UTC) - Re:
I consider my self a decent cook, but would love to do this. I'm always up for cooking school!
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