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heh. i have beat the tripplanner into submission.

weekend, thus far:

friday night, as previously stated, we went and saw The Italian Job. lots of fun, very good movie, not overdone.

yesterday, i had to go to work in the morning. well, to a conference. there was a queer and ally conference at Seattle Central that we were tabling. there were more adults there than kids, but i got in some good networking with the other service providers.

afternoon was running errands (Target, wherest i got socks i actually like, and boxers [i need the boxers because i can't sleep naked at my parent's, and i'll be damned if i'm wearing pajama pants in NC in June]), and then home, and talking to Rat, and homework, and cleaning, and then out for Em's birthday dinner. there was an hour wait at the Cheesecake Factory, and hunger won, so we ended up at Dragonfish, which is tasty, too. we had a good dinner, and then about half the crew went clubbing, and i caught a bus home.

today is homework, and then traisping. first, downtown, to wander a bit. i might see if i can find another perfect bra at Ross, or i might just go poke around the market or something. then it's out to Redmond to meet ciannait and some other random folks. then it's over to Fremont to have dinner with seattlejo and her clan. and then home for more homework and collapse.

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