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i am having major, major "i don't wanna" issues with homework. i have stuff that has to get done this week. i could end up failing Spanish if i don't, and that would suck. and while failing Sociology is pretty well impossible at this point, i have no desire to drop my grade by two letters in the last week and a half, either.

- essay on communication in relationships, due by monday at 230
- reading notes, monday, 230
- source and presentation, wed, 230
- essay on the sociology of sex, monday, 6/9, 330

- spanish test, wed
- spanish presentation, write and memorize, due either thurs or fri, depending on what you end up drawing
- spanish final, wed, 6/11, 130-320

- write and mail rent check
- write and mail power bill and water/sewer bill check
- pack

- Em's bday dinner, tonight, 915
- meet lj people tommorow, 3
- dinner with folks, tommorow, 630
- commencement party at work, thurs, 530
- game, 2am, Saturday
- volunteer meeting, 1pm, sunday, 6/8
- social type stuff that morning?

- 6/11 - get on a damned plane, thank goodness

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