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i've been rather productive today:

- did dishes
- emptied trash in my room and the bathroom
- scooped the cat box
- called home
- more dishes
- took out the glass recycling
- put away my clean clothes (so that's what the end of the hallways looks like)
- dishes
- found my floor (i knew it was under there somewhere)
- cleaned out the fridge (i probably threw out a new strain of some penecillion in there)
- more dishes (how three 20-somethings who don't cook enough own this many dishes, i don't know)
- found the living room floor (well, mostly)
- scrubbed the kitchen counters
- more dishes

still need to:

- last of the @#$#ing dishes
- vacuum and mop the kitchen
- vacuum and mop the bathroom
- vacuum the living room

- procure ingredients for and make banana pudding
- make strawberry shortcake?


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