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the cat seems to think that my transcript is good bedding material.

yes, i moved the transcript.

yes, this means that i got my NCSU transcipts in the mail yesterday.

yes, this means that the UW has them, too.

no, i haven't finished my UW app yet. i've been procrastinating. it's on the list for this weekend. maybe i'll use it to procrastinate my homework. :) i have until the 15th.

my transcript's interesting. i thought i had more credits than i did. i have considerably less GPA credits than i realized; i'd forgotten that i had failed or repeated or gotten credit by NCSSM logic for some stuff. i -- hey, why the fuck is my coop term listed as unsatisfactory? despite the fact that i singlehandedly killed mail services one day, i did okay at cooping, and was asked to stick around for the summer, (though in a bit of temper i didn't). was there a report or something i was supposed to fill out that i didn't?


i got better grades in russian than i remembered.

overall, i had a slightly better GPA than i remembered; i was thinking it was a 2.4, when it's a 2.516 for some reason, being over a 2.5 makes me feel a lot better.

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