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weekend, part two

due to our insanely early bedtime on Saturday night, we were awake at 6:30 on Sunday morning. we tried fighting it for awhile and finally gave up, got up, and packed up. the bakery next door, which feeds folks from the hostel breakfast for free, didn't open until 8, so we killed a little time on the computer downstairs, looking up touristy stuff and finally deciding on the Vancouver Aquarium, which is in Seymour Park. we got our breakfast (good coffee and decent muffin for me, hot chocolate and muffin for her) and found the park with no trouble. however, we got there at like, quarter after nine, so we decided to drive around the park until the Aquarium opened at 10 and check out the views.

The park is just gorgeous. Words really don't do it justice. It was like leaning over and taking postcards everywhere.

Here's another one. And another. we got a little picture happy. :)

Here you have the obligatory Joyce picture, and here's Ginger.

we eventually made it down to the beach. i wanted to stick my toes in the water, but wasn't up to getting sandy and more wet and cold (it rained all day Sunday). so we settled on taking a picture of our feet on the sand instead.

we continued running around and ran into the group of obligatory Japanese tourists, fully camera enabled.

we finally got all the way around the park again, parked the car, and went off in search of the aquarium. Along the way, we discovered that apparently there is an attacking peacock, of all things, in Seymour Park. we didn't run into it. we also discovered that folks in Vancouver are even more into the salmon than Seattleians are.

we were the only people in line for the aquarium at ten who weren't attached to small children.

the aquarium kicks the ass out of the Seattle one. we saw a shows featuring whales, dophin, sea lions, an otter feeding, and a shark feeding. the exhibits are nifty, too. much animal cuteness was had.

on the way out, we ran into a rooster randomly wandering the park. we still didn't see the peacock.

we intended to get a snack on the road, since we didn't know how bad the border was going to be. we got involved in getting out of Vancouver, though, and forgot, until we were almost at the border. at exit 8A, there is a shopping center with a Wendy's and a Tim Horton's. we'd been wanting to try Tim Horton's anyhow. but we just missed the exit. we figured we'd just turn around at the next one... which turned out to be exit 3. whoops. so we flipped around anyway (at this point we were on a Mission) and went back up the 99. there is no exit 8 on the 99 north. we went up to exit 10, got BACK on the 99 south, and got off at the right place this time. Wendy's was obtained for Ginger, and doughnuts to go from Tim Horton's for the both of us.

from that shopping center, it turns out that there is not an on-ramp back onto the 99 south. much driving around later, we ended up getting back on the 99 north to flip around again. next time, we'll get our doughnut fix way before the border.

crossing only took about 45 minutes, which wasn't too bad. it was also much easier than we expected. i think we amused the border guard by talking in unison: "buy anything?" "yea, a couple postcards-" "and a shot glass-" "and a t-shirt." so she sent us on our way smiling, and that was that. we were home about 7:30, and my boy came over and cooked us dinner.

it was a lovely weekend.

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