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Ginger and i fussed around for awhile about what to do tonight, and ended up descending upon C2 with McDonalds and The Exorcist. yay for Chris, and yay for movies. after we were done with the first movie, we decided to watch something else. i prevailed upon them for The Ring, since i hadn't seen it yet... and i don't quite get what the big deal was. it made me jump (and shriek) in a few places, true, but most of it was a what-the-fuck kind of thing, not a scary kind of thing.

of course, i wasn't scared by Signs either, but Silence of the Lambs scared me to hell and back, even though i'd read the book and knew the ending. and Spiderman made me shriek in a couple places. so, eh, whatever.

sleepy joyce. time to crash.

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