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verily, it was a lovely weekend.

Friday night after work i ran a couple errands, and then went and sat around the Crisis Clinic with Ginger until she got done Teenlinking for the night. then we embarked on Super Secret Mission One. Ginger and I learned that if you truly want to keep a super secret mission secret, don't post about it, for the object of the surprise immediately guessed what we were up to. (oh, oh my, i just read the rest of the comments on that post. *giggles*)

on our way out to Issaquah, we saw a bicyclist. on the 90. in the dark and the rain. in dark clothing, no reflectors. riding on the shoulder of the highway. not on the bike path on the bridge, but on the highway. gawd, people are dumb.

we found KK with a minimum of having to turn around, which for us going somewhere unknown is pretty good, and returned home with the goods.

Saturday Ginger, Carl, and I were all up pretty bright and early (we're edging towards summer and those lovely 17 hour days... *purr*) we took off towards Portland. we stopped in Olympia for breakfast, at a scarily clean McDonald's, where i was summarily reminded that the rest of Washington is not like the Seattle area, a fact i tend to forget. we continued on our way, passing a billboard that let us know that the public library is apparently a great place to meet sexual deviants. the other side of the billboard compared some washington political figure that i'm not familar with to Bin Laden. right. the car with at least one sexual deviant in it moved right along. :)

we got down to the Portland area (the last time i'd been down there was nearly two years ago; i'd forgotten just how pretty coming over the river into Oregon is). we got minorly lost (note to self, next time, the 5 to the 405 to the 26, mmk?). we got back on track, and were nearly there, when we misinterpreted a turn, which necessitated phone call number two ("Chas, I'm looking at fields and trees and shit." "oh. yea, turn around.") we found the party eventually, where Spartucus had just started. we watched it (okay, so i ended up dozing through a lot of the second half. i mean, really. it was brood rebel brood fuck off screen brood brood brood nice war scene brood more death brood etc). i stayed awake through History of the World Part I, though my body kept trying to send me to sleep sitting up. we started in on Cleopatra and gave up after awhile. through and around and after the movies there was pizza and cookies and donuts and good conversation. :)

after the party, we went upstairs to the apartmondo. the boys went off in search of bear, and Jill and Ginger and I sat around chattering for awhile. eventually, there was collaspe on all parts.

yesterday morning, we all woke up pretty early again (hi, Mr. Sun :]). Jillie and Chas made us orange rolls. there was some cartoon watching. Ari took off, to go be responsible and stuff. the rest of us packed up and took the light rail into downtown Portland. we wandered the Saturday Market for a bit (lots and lots of pretties; there should be another trip close to Christmas), got a bit of food (including a monster stack of onion rings that i couldn't finish), hit Powell's for a bit (i'd never seen their cookbook section before. i was in heaven), and finally wandered down to the courthouse to sit on the steps, get coffee, and people watch. everyone ended up reading, though, and so when it started raining we packed up, got back on the train, and headed back.

we sat around and chattered for a bit, and then it was time to go home, bearing a leftover TV and an aloe plant (the TV works just fine. which you guys knew. but still, woot. and it's big. *hugs!* :])

we got in, and my boy came over. we made creamy chicken stuff with Ginger, and then he and I watched Enemy of the State, which he hadn't seen and I hadn't seen in a long time. i'd forgotten how good a movie it is. terribly applicable today, too.

and then i was exhausted, and sick, and tired, so he tucked me in and went home.

and that was my much, much needed weekend out of dodge. it was the first time i'd been out of Seattle since Christmas and my first whole weekend off in ... um, i have no idea. probably Christmas. it was lovely, and fun, and Jillie and Chas rock, very much.

i'm going to try to swing things such that I can go to Vancouver with Ginger in two weekends, which will be another welcome break. i just have to get the drop-in center covered...

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