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tonight's discoveries:

- three fourths a wine cooler on a mediumishly empty stomach (i ate dinner, but i'm still hungry, for some reason) will indeed cause my back muscles to loosen up to the point that they don't ache anymore, and that the application of gobs of hot water will actually do some good. however, if one is going to apply the wine cooler while one is still writing responses for class, one is going to have to think very very carefully about one's homework. whoops.
- running a DVD player through a VCR will apparently cause wierd bits of color fading in and out and other such things on some DVDs, due to copyright protection issues. we weren't trying to copy anything; the TV doesn't have stereo inputs, and the DVD player doesn't have a coax input. go fig. we were scared it was the player for a bit, but its instruction manual warns about hooking it up through a VCR. funny what will happen if you read the instructions.
- you can find numbers to prove any conclusion, if you look hard enough. my social inequality paper is going to kick ass.
- the idea of becoming a professor at some point is becoming more and more appealing...

tonight's accomplishments:

- dishes. lots and lots of dishes.
- my soc170 homework due Thursday.
- my soc240 homework due tommorow.
- more work on my soc170 paper.

soon, sleep.

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