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to counteract some of the grouchiness:

- last night i had pho with my beloved, which was very nice. good conversation, good food.
- tommorow night, Ginger and I are going to go put one very nice birthday present toward DVD-enabling our house. i think i might celebrate by making Andy watch Ocean's Eleven. or something else equally light and fluffy.
- i don't have to work wednesday night, so i can make wednesday night movies if my homework hasn't eaten me by then.
- speaking of homework... that outline for my final course paper (outline due tommorow) is swimming along much better than i expected. i'm taking the line that both of the books we're having to talk about are full of it, which is always entertaining.
- i'm getting to bounce ideas for my paper off of my favorite social-theorist-in-training ;)
- if the outline keeps swimming along, i can go to bed early. mmm, sleep.

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