joyce (joyce) wrote,

you know it's thursday night when...

384 words. and i don't have the option of not turning it in this week; i used my free week last week.

ah, well. i'm chugging along, and using lots of examples. examples are good; they eat up word count.

while i'm procrastinating for the moment... it's the time again for me to put in my plug for people to come volunteer at Lambert. you don't have to be queer to volunteer there; we just want people who like youth. we'll be running a training for new volunteers sometime around the beginning of March (that i'm putting together, wheeee). if you don't want to commit to shift volunteering, we can always use project and activity volunteers (especialy people who drive, but we'll take anyone who isn't certifiable and who can marginally pass a criminal background check). anyone interested?

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