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heh. on the good side:

- my incredible wonderful kickass roommate came and picked me up from work tonight. which meant that i got food into my system something like an hour sooner than i would have, thus preventing me from, i dunno, destroying bellevue square. yay for Gingers. :)
- my manager casually asked when my birthday was yesterday. i told her. i came into work today to find myself worked off the schedule for sunday. yay for three day weekends. yay for nice managers.
- i came home to find chocolate chip cookie dough (and cookies). these things aren't officially much on my diet these days. however, good eating already took a hike today, so a little more won't hurt. yay. :)
- i got to work and found out that the keyholder i don't like was going home early and that i was closing with the one that i don't snap at on a regular basis.
- i'm in a pretty good mood today, which has been a rarity lately.

time to write a paper now...

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