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good omens

i have a spider plant. his name is Herbie (no, i wasn't any more original at 16 than now.) i obtained Herbie the summer before i went off to ncssm. my Girl Scout troop's leader gave us all baby spider plants. this plant is coming up on ten years old. it's been carted around, through dorm rooms and apartments and across the damned country. sometimes i remember to treat it better than others; as various roommates and friends can speak to, i tend to treat things pretty badly. i beat up on books, forget to put cds back in their cases, break more glasses than i care to think about. however, Herbie's taken the mistreatment pretty well, sprouting babies occasionally and just doing its little plant thing. i am freakishly attached to this plant; i'm not sure what i'm going to do when i finally kill it. (side note: what is the average life span of spider plants, anyhow?)

Herbie recently met a new nemesis: the cats. apparently, cats love eating spider plants. they were fairly sneaky about their feeding, too, until i noticed that he had been shorn. we eventually put him in the sewing room, and he started growing again. and then we moved, and there wasn't any good place to put him for awhile, so we put him in the top of the laundry closet. i know, not terribly good, as there's no light, but at least we could keep the cats out. except we, erhm, forgot to explain to a certain member of our happy little household that Herbie wasn't cat food, and the laundry closet didn't get closed, because said person thought the cats were supposed to eat the plant. whooops. so Herbie got transplated to my room, where he probably still doesn't get enough light, but at least i can keep my door closed during the day and i can keep the cats away from him when i'm home.

tonight, i noticed that he's got new growth to him again. i am please. he's the amazing resilient plant, much like his owner.

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