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since we last saw our heroine, short version..

i'm home. :)

christmas was good. lots of family. the flight in sucked, due to a non-reclining chair.

got sick on Friday. came down with a nasty cold. still in possesion with said cold, mostly. wheee. spent most of Friday alternately napping and playing Scrabble with Faith.

got to see people in RDU during the weekend. got to see Jeni and Bill and Kimber and Dwaine and Heather. and ratnix, of course, who kindly let me borrow his house for a couple days.

Heather (the other Heather, not the one married to Dwaine) drove me back to my parents' monday morning, which was very very sweet of her. and it was nice to get to play catchup with her too.

Tonya and George stopped by my parents' on their way back from Tennesse that night. that, too, was very very nice, until my mom hauled out the surgery and conception stories. sorry about that, guys. :)

spent a good evening and day with the family. got on a plane. more flying. Ginger picked me up from SeaTac, the boys came after us, we hit Minnie's for dinner, and the new year was ushered in in fine fashion...

waiting on Andy to get out of the shower, now, and then there's going to be ... something. not involving the Internet or work. or that either, for those sick twisted people out there. :) we haven't gotten as far as plans or anything.

finally, i got home last night to my new house, full of our stuff. thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou Ray, Sunnie, Andy, and Ari; who am i missing?

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