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work: sucked. people need to grow the hell up. stomping your feet and storming out of the store is not going to magically make four piece boxes appear for you. if i say i don't have four piece boxes to pack out of the case, i mean it. the prepacked boxes sitting there are not the same thing. fucker.

me, to my manager: "you don't look terribly happy with your lot in life right now."
manager: "i keep looking around, and thinking to myself, that if this is as good as it gets..."
me: "we should just go to hell now and get it over with?"
manager: "exactly!"

the highlight of the evening was getting to spend my ten minute break with my boy. not that that's a bad highlight at all. :)

< /bitchwhinemoancomplain >

running laundry now. then i'm going to fall face forward into bed.

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