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there is chicken stew in the oven and potatoes boiling on the stove, soon to be mashed. i have a bedroom floor. the downstairs bathroom will no longer remove people's socks. the litterboxes are clean. we have a goofy movie to watch. there will be a boy here soon. go go gadget joyce, eh? :)

i just spent a good half hour trying to explain the concept of the warm fuzzies, the likes, a crush, being on the short list of most favored nations (to borrow a line) - whatever you want to call that lovely awkward stage when you feel more than friendship towards someone but it hasn't moved to love yet (and it might never do so), to my beloved roommate. i haven't suceeded very well, though the ensuing discussion between he and i has been alternately frustrating and hilarious.

happy joyce. :)

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