joyce (joyce) wrote,

9thmoon - years of practice, and very carefully. ;)

seriously... when i was in college, take 1, i was regularly taking a full load of classes and working 2-3 jobs. i've just gotten used to juggling a lot.

being busy and lack of sleep tends to take its toll in other way, besides sickness. my temper, which is pretty short anyhow, gets much worse when i'm tired.

sheeplass - something one of her little friends call her and she decided to pass along? :)

tsara - multi-layered answer here:

as a state of being: having someone(s) who, in 20 years, will still make me melt when they walk into a room and kiss me.

as a verb: little things. being treated well. treating those i care about well. flowers. kisses on the forehead. cuddles. picking up my socks for me when i'm too tired to do it. showing caring. being able to disagree and still love each other.

as a noun: a trusting, caring, loving situation. encouraging me to be a better person. trust. trust.

and, oh, did i mention trust? :)

rao - do you really want me answering that in public, dear? :)

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