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nighthawk - you're a freak. pierce bronson. :)

faecat - hrms... the painting of my grandparents' house my little sister did, the teddy bear my granny gave me as a little kid, and ... i started to say, one of the things you've given me, but you're here. the quilt i took permanent possession of from Dan and Cath, maybe. i'm not sure. there's a lot of stuff that could jockey for that third spot, but nothing that jumps out.

shawnj - yes, unfortunately.

voodoolimbo - you flatter me. i think that'll take an email, sweets. lemme think on it.

kimber - writing a sociology paper and enjoying a day off. :)

ratnix - um... Geanne Garafallo (sp?) Kevin Spacey. Brad Pitt. Catherine Zeta Jones. Sean Connery. because it really is all about the accent. :)

this list is always subject to change.

evilbeard - *giggles* many times, dear. lesse... guy and a girl; guy and a girl; guy and a girl; guy and a girl; two girls, a boy, much giggling, and a LOT of booze. :)

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