joyce (joyce) wrote,

there's a scene near the end of Good Will Hunting where the guy and the girl are fighting about him going to California with her, and she finally says something like "ok, fine, tell me you never loved me."

and he looks straight at her and says "i never loved you."

i've had that scene bouncing around my head all morning. i'm tempted to go rent the movie now, just to get it out.


last night was good. met new people, got to play Apples to Apples and Balderdash, got to eat the Brownies of Doom. Jake was very spiffy and give us a ride home.

i'm a tired puppy today. tired and quiet, but good. today's task is to verify 50 pages worth of phone numbers for Where to Turn. then i get to go to job number two and work for five hours. then i get to go home and sleep, for tommorow is Saturday, huzzah.

starting with next weekend, my sleeping in on Saturdays stops for a bit. but next week is a short week, so it's all good...

- put away all the laundry in the world
- wash the pillow and pillowcases
- work on the cross-stitching; find a pattern to use for mom for christmas
- Christmas. plane tix.
- extra credit paper for class
- sleep

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