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randomish stuffs

one of the girls at [work number two] is leaving after thanksgiving, if anyone is looking for a second job. yea, it's retail, but it's EASY (i've had like, one pissy customer), my manager is reasonable and willing to work with wonky schedules (i don't work saturday nights, for example) and you get a fifty percent discount. no guarantees, but if anyone's interested...

reminds me, i need to let her know that my availability changes early december, and remind her about Christmas week.

i'm tired. i discovered this morning that i can make it up the hill from Kieth's to Crossroads in 10 minutes if i need to. nothing like a little incentive, like pissing off one's boss, eh? i made my bus with five minutes to spare. happy joyce.

of course, after i chased into work three hours early, like four people showed up for the stupid store meeting. however, i got to stay, since i was schedule on for noon, instead of having to leave and come back, and ended up getting nine hours on instead of the six.five i was scheduled for. rock.

our token male started work today. the entire store was fluttering. even i seem to be at least minorly non-immune to his charms. it was mostly amusing. :)

tired joyce. need to study, need to straighten up a bit, need to eat some dinner and crash out.

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