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like i said, i slept like the dead last night. Chris came over this morning, and there was some sociology studying. i discovered that i went brain dead the other day and left part of my notes at work, which doesn't do anyone a hell of a lot of good. i'll have to print them off at the House tonight, since they're on my work email...

today's been my first real time to get anything done in a week. we ran to the library and Target. i did some minor laundry, since i managed to get cranberry juice all over my (one, need to fix that) white work shirt. played a little AOE. paid bills. balanced checkbook. showered (yay for actually having the time to shave. good lord.) eating lunch now. thinking about a nap, though i don't feel like napping. i think i'm going to lose, though, as i'm a sleepy joyce.

and Jillie, you were right, Great Big Sea kicks ass, though i think the "End of the World" cover terrifies me a bit.

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