joyce (joyce) wrote,

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heh. this is going to sound dumb...

anyone else who doesn't do mornings have any advice on how to wake up easier? i don't do mornings - anyone who's seen me first thing in the morning can testify to that. whether i slept or not (i slept last night, very well) doesn't seem to affect it. i'm a groggy hosebeast who can't easily form a coherent sentence when speaking for the first couple hours. (yes, there are those who would propose that this is an all day thing. =p) i've already turned into a morning shower person to hasten the waking up efforts. massive amounts of black coffee at 7 in the morning is start to lose its charm and taste... and i'm not about to start getting up at five to start waking up. there anything obvious i'm missing, or should i just resign myself to being groggy until noon?
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