joyce (joyce) wrote,

heh. watching people slip and slide and squeal tires outside is mildly amusing.

i need to remember to restock canned food here at work next week so that when i'm not at home to grab leftovers in the morning, i'm not at the mercy of overpriced deli #1, overpriced deli #2, or the good-but-more-than-i-want-to-spend-on-lunch Italian place.

(today ended up being a caesar salad that wasn't too badly overpriced at deli #1. it's good. lunch was just going to be yesterday's yogurt that i didn't eat, but the body woke up and demanded more substance than yogurt.)

the world for today, boys and girls, is tired. i'd damned well better sleep tonight, as i get to deal with the airport tommorow, and have to get up way the hell early to do it.

i could look it up, but i'm feeling lazy... anyone know if they're likely to get snippy with me over cross stitch needles?

my motivation and the rest of me seem to be slowly rejoining forces. this is good; i'd started to wonder.

merf. back to work for me.

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