joyce (joyce) wrote,

explanationish for something dumb i said earlier...

everyone has their own biases, including me. however, i tend to have higher expectations of folks who fall into a "special interest group" to be even less biased than normal, myself included. it's ludicrous for someone who say, is bi, to hate African-Americans, especially if said bi person complains about people hating bi's. it's not that i think "oh, i'm different, i'm automatically not-biased", it's just "i'm different, why the hell should i be biased? i have no excuse at all for it, and if i am, i should try to be as little as possible." [insert big wide eyed why can't everyone be sane joyce stare]. no one has any excuse for being biased, i just expect to people to be logical [or, at least, what i view as logical, which often isn't necessarily], and it's not logical to be predujiced when you're different. everyone has their own biases, including me; i just try not to act on mine as much as possible. in a perfect world, no one would even have any...

i hope this makes a bit of sense; trying to explain this without experiencing a bit of hoof-in-mouth disease is problematic. *sigh*

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