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a prediction of tommorow morning, to get the grief over with:

1:00am: why can't i sleep?
6:15am: why do i do this to myself? oh yea, couldn't sleep.
6:25am: i should get up.
6:30am: we're bussing this morning. shit, yo, i need to get up.
6:45am: [frantic getting dressed, getting food together]
8:00am: [wallowing in my coffee cup and glaring at coworkers that want to make polite chitter chatter]
8:30am: [diet coke number one]
9:00am: [more coffee]
10:30am: dammit, RC meeting. more coffee. listen to coworkers argue.
11:00am: [diet coke number two]
11:30am: i swear, when i'm not working here, i'm going to give up and work swing.
noon: more coffee. lunch.
noon:30: rummaging for change for more diet coke.
1:00pm: wow. i feel human again.

it's just about bedtime.

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