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good day.

woke up the first time at seven (four hours of sleep? um, no.) woke up the second time at nine. (six? eh... nah.) woke up at eleven. (balls. i should get up.) bleared around for awhile. got hold of Ari. he picked us (Ginger and I) up and took us to the park and ride. the three of us took the bus into Seattle together. we got him pointed at the stadium. we went and got Wendy's (yay for lunch for two dollars. good lunch, too.) wandered barnes and nobles and pike place. went over to the street fair that Lambert had a booth in. fed one of our kids a hot dog, since she needed to eat. got a really nifty shirt from the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgance for a dollar. worked the booth, took it down. home. leftover chicken pie. applebee's. rum and coke and conversation.

home now. collaspe soon, i think. :)

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