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yesterday: work home shower kitchen library kieth's move huge assed desk pizza crash. :)

fences mended, or at least patched well. we'll see what happens. i think things are going to be fine.

i have Wendy's for breakfast and you don't. :)

it's Friday. woot.

i get extra hours today. i'd been looking forward to getting off early, but i'm not going to argue with the cash.

it was COLD this morning. the cold was the direct cause of me being late to work. :) however, i'm the only one in my department actually here, so... there's no one to notice. not that anyone would care, anyhow.

i should probably invest in one of these coat things i hear so much about. or something. cause damn, it was cold.

i'm a happy girl this morning. life's good. :)

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    My independent study paper (27 pages of text, 2 of references, 9375 words) is turned in, four fracking days ahead of schedule. I rock. :)

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    Last class of undergraduate degree: done. :)

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    And moreover, I am not in the mood to read eleventy-gazillion pages on the legal issues surrounding jihad. Normally, I would be completely interested…

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