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my copy of Chasing Amy is in at the library. woot. of course, i need to watch the movies i already have and find their copy of God Shuffled His Feet, which is hideously overdue, before i go fetch it. which is prolly better, anyhow, since i'm not going to have time to watch it this weekend. so if i put off picking it up until tuesday or so, i'll have the whole week after that...

i get a Misty this weekend. that should be much fun.

couldn't sleep last night; it was too bloody hot. i went to bed the first time at 10, played the tossing and turning game for an hour, got up, talked to Kieth and Ken for a bit, went back to sleep, tossed, turned... ugh. finally fell asleep. woke up at 4 in the morning, and my computer fan was keeping me awake. sometime soon i need to pull mogwai apart, blow all the dust out of her, figure out just why having her case on makes her overheat, reseat all the cards, reinstall her so that she dual-boots again ... the whole nine yards. she probably needs a new processor fan and power supply, too.

what she needs is to be completely rebuilt - she's old - but that's not happening for months. but i can at least take care of her a bit.

soda is getting easier to drink in the morning than coffee. i didn't used to be able to drink soda in the morning. or else maybe i'm finally getting tired of drinking my coffee black.

it's thursday. yay.

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