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finally saw Signs. dunno... it was pretty good, but something just kind of felt a bit off. not sure what. it was moderately scary - i jumped pretty well a couple of times. and half muttered "that's really not a good idea" at Mel Gibson a couple of times.

what religions would it be possible for a man to have two children in, where he would also be referred to as "Father" and wear a collar? he couldn't be Catholic, unless he converted and was ordained after the birth of the children. and Lutherans generally don't refer to their pastor as Father - usually it's the minister or pastor. at least, with the Lutherans i grew up with. which possibly leaves Episcopals...

it's a stupid niggling point, i know, but it bugs. if you really need to show someone in a collar to demonstrate that someone is a man of a religous order... *shrugs*

didn't much like Mel Gibson in it.

other than that, it was pretty good. fairly tense, though i've seen a lot scarier. for the record, i think i jumped as much in Spiderman. :)

and it's bedtime in this neck of the woods...

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