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life aint nothing but bitches and 'hos

after work, Ginger wanted take II on yesterday's not so succesful Weaving Works venture. so, we went, and oogled the yarn and the looms and the spindles. (well, ok. Ginger oogled. i mostly giggled at Ginger.)

we wandered a bit, debating what to do. the same guy is still outside the Safeway, selling Real Change, that was there every time but one that i went to the store last summer, no matter what time of day it was. mildly frightening. we called Grant and Anjela to see if they wanted to hang out and point us at the Yarn Store of Doom by their house, but we couldn't get ahold of them, so we did what any self respecting adventurers would do and went out to Redmond without knowing where it was, figuring that if it was walking distance to their place, it couldn't be too hard to find.

halfway there, i remembered that the library was across the street from where we'd be getting off the bus, and that we could look up the address of the store. score.

so we did. and we walked to the Yarn Store of doom. and verily, it was... closed. one day, we'll call ahead, and all that.

not to be thrawted, we decided to go to Ben Franklyn's. we didn't know where it was, either. so we stopped in the bookstore next to the Yarn Store to get directions. the clerk seemed to know where it was, but wasn't communicating directions terribly efficiently. he seemd a bit high, sleep dep'ed, or both. :) but there was a jar for Hopelink on the counter and he was walking around in his sock feet, so the bookstore wins cool points, anyhow.

we got directions elsewhere. (Ginger claims that that is the only time we'll see her walk into a hair salon.) we found Ben Franklyn's. on the way, we passed a skate park, next to the Redmond Park and Ride, of all places. very cool to see.

she oogled yarn. i oogled paper. Ben Franklyn's is hiring; something to keep in mind. though they have a crappy frabric selection. we left.

i would like to note at this point that the only thing that was actually procured this evening was fast food for dinner. we were good, for once. :)

so. wandering back to the park and ride, calling metro, getting a busy signal, realizing that that was the bus we wanted that was just pulling up, got onto the bus. all was well until we got off at Overlake and got on the 245, where we encountered the first obnoxious pair of 14 year old males. they sang from the Lion King and called each other faggots. annoying, but tolerable. they got off, and three more obnoxious 13 - 14 year old males got on. they proceeded to hold forth on the "fine assed bitches" that they knew, the sluts that they knew, how one of them would spread her legs for anything, how they learned in health class that you could come down with full blown AIDS in "two days, two weeks, two months, something, anytime" and that they just knew that one of the girls they knew had it... about how girl on girl was cool. about how high they were and how much they'd been smoking.

they ended it up by getting off in front of the Factoria Mall, one of them saying "let's go hustle us up some action." just where the hell do three 13 - 14 year old males think that they're hustling up action in Factoria at nine o clock at night?!

these boys thought that they were the leads in an Ice-T movie, or something. this is Joyce and Ginger, shaking their heads.

it was an amusing evening. prolly more so if you were there, but oh well. :)

i need to go pin up a hem and fall over.

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