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this morning was all about groggy.

yesterday, Carl asked if i wanted to go with him and Ginger to play games at his dad's house. sure, said i. his dad made us some dead cow and salad, and we started a game of Rail Baron. hee.

i like the game. it seems very nifty. it's also very long... at 11, i finally said "folks, Ginger and I have to be at work at 8 tommorow. we should call it good." but we still had to stop by Carl's place, and so there wasn't quite enough sleep in my world. i'll live. :)

i woke up at five to use the bathroom and couldn't figure out why the hell i was hearing someone take a shower at five in the morning. (i've only lived with Heather for how long now? :]) i slept like the dead. which meant that i fell back asleep on the couch, waiting for Carl and Ginger this morning, and nearly fell asleep in the car on the way here.

yesterday was a good day. there was much sewing (the purple skirt just needs to be hemmed. the plaid one is cut out but not sewn.) there was an attempt to go to Weaving Works, but they apparently close at 3 on sundays. (one of these days, we'll start calling first. but that would be too easy. :])

this week, i get to go see a scary movie, chaperon a dance for the youth at the House, do my volunteer thing, have a Misty come to visit, do a lot more sewing. i need to watch Bounce and Proof of Life and get them back to the library. i need to go over to BCC and get a September bus pass. i need to get 35 hours of work in. i have a doc's appointment this afternoon. i need to beat our youth services manager upside the head and make her schedule interviews for that trainer job. and i feel like i'm forgetting something...

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