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squeeee :)

fabric obtained. the joann's in renton has at least a marginally larger selection than the one in crossroads, and the bus rides are the same length (well, once you sort out which side of the road you need to be on) and the routes run with the same frequency. so.

i got some really nifty plaid (cheap! eighty-eight cents a yard) and some really nifty not-exactly-lace purple stuff (not cheap. but so nice) for skirts, and some deep blue and gray stuff for a trial run on the bridesmaid dress. and they had drawstring cord (the crossroads joann's looked at us as if we had grown a third head when we asked for it). and there's another fabric store across the way, which we kept ourselves out of for the time being.

there's a large st. vincent de paul's thrift store next to the joann's. rawr. i got a pair of nice men's dress pants (cheap. yay for guy clothes) which gives me a couple pairs of pants that fit and are really comfy, which should do it now that it's going to be getting colder soon... i think this winter is going to be mostly skirts again. (yes, that is my mother, who used to fight me to wear skirts to church, that you just heard fainting.) they're just more comfy than pants, in the end. when it's summer i like to wear shorts, though... don't ask. i don't know. :)

that is all of my fabric buying until next paycheck. i swear. i'll start piecing quilt squares out of scraps, instead... :)

tonight is making homemade chicago style pizza (praying to the food gods that it'll turn out well) and movies.

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