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so, last night i got off of work, got some Wendy's with Ginger, put her on her bus, wandered around for a bit, read my book (Last Call, in fact, is a very trippy book. i'm many pages into it and have no idea if i like it or not) and then wandered over to the Hill and listened to some pretty good poetry, to benefit the house's trans youth program. (apparently, there's a huge trans conference in Atlanta, of all places, every year, that they want to go to...) poetry readings aren't normally my thing, and i wasn't expecting much, but there was some nifty stuff.

i always feel odd at things like that. at the House is one thing; the kids are around then, so it's fine. but at events with adults, i don't really know anyone because i'm not part of the community, other than my volunteering, so my shy gene kicks in, hard. and i don't feel queer enough, around them. i'm going to have to get over it, because i'm never going to meet girls otherwise, but... *shrugs*

came home. passed out early, again. i've gotten so much sleep the last couple of days.

free Saturday night (it's Boys' night; no volunteering). theorectically there's a volunteer meeting tommorow evening that i should go to, but we'll see. today, i need to clean my room, and i want to go get some fabric to do some sewing. other than that... dunno. i have movies, and my copy of Swordfish is in at the library, so there's that if nothing else.

the kitties are being incredibly cute and friendly this morning.

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